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Indigenous Knowledge provides the basis for problem-solving strategies for local communities, especially the poor. IK is an underutilized resource in the development process of Africa. Learning from what local communities already know creates an understanding of local conditions and provides an important context for activities designed to help them.



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Did you know?

A large part of the African people depend on IKS for survival in health, food security, shelter, natural resource management, conflict resolution, leadership and governance, etc.

All members of a community (elders, women, men and children) have indigenous knowledge

IKS are increasingly recognized as an underutilized resource in the development process in Africa

CIKS is based at UKZN on Westville Campus in the main library, B Block

Some forms of indigenous knowledge such as experiences, wisdom, beliefs, etc. are expressed through stories, legends, proverbs, legends, folklores, rituals, songs, etc.

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